Classes for adults from 18 upward

LUDILINGUA offers English, Dutch and German thematic and/or entertaining classes for adults from 18 years old.


Adults are divided into groups according to their level (ranging from basic to proficient user: A1 – A2 – B1 – B2 – C1).

LUDILINGUA gives you a choice between the following methods:

  • Conversation tables – Focus on speaking skills and debates. You will be asked to react verbally in English, Dutch or German about a particular topic or a piece of news. You express yourself within a given context, after having read a text or listened to a recording. (B1-level is required)
  • Everyday language – Focus on how to use English, Dutch or German in simple but complicated everyday situations (introducing oneself, giving an opinion, having a meal, doing the shopping, traveling, receiving medical aid, expressing disagreement, etc.).
  • Formal and written language – Focus on how to write formal letters or e-mails in English, Dutch or German, welcome guests, give a presentation and make a phone call.
  • Business language – Focus on how to use languages in a working and business environment. You will be asked to understand texts and listening comprehensions related to it, and to express yourself verbally and in writing about the different topics addressed.
  • Business and commercial language – Besides the description given in the ‘Business language’ section, you specialize in commercial language.
  • Business language for accounting purposes – Besides the description given in the ‘Business language’ section, you specialize in using the language and terms commonly used in the accountancy world.
  • Language for environmental sciences – Focus on the comprehension of scientific and environmental texts and recordings, and the correspondence linked to it.




Week of 28 September 2015. ( ! Week of 21 September for the Wednesday classes)


1 hour and a half/week, One year, with three modules of 10 classes.


1st module from end September till mid-December
2nd module from beginning January till March-April
3rd module from March-April till June


A detailed schedule will be filled in according to demand.


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